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The Road So Far

If you haven’t already heard… SAMU is building momentum.  An environmentally and economically sustainable building is coming—and it’s just for students.

What have we been up to?

It started with mere conversations years ago–what if SAMU had its own building? How could we, as a Students’ Association, better serve our students with our own space? How would this benefit our students? After envisioning the possibilities, those conversations turned to action. At the end of 2014, it was time for this hypothetical building to start becoming a reality.

Your SAMU Executive Committee and SAMU staff have been working diligently with a project management team over the last eight months to take some major steps forward on this project. As this is a building for the students, we want you to be involved in their progress! So what exactly is going on, you ask?

January 2015:

Integrated Management & Realty was hired to manage the SAMU Building project
Let’s face it, not many of us here at SAMU have ever had to create a building before (more like none of us). So we found some professionals to guide us and offer some solid project management.

March 2015:

Marketing and Communications strategies drafted and finalized
Building Momentum is born! The construction of a SAMU building is the first major step into the growth of our organization. One may say that SAMU is “building momentum” with this project. Doesn’t that just tie it all together nicely? It’s like we planned it that way.

May 2015:

Architect interviews
We had to make sure we found a team who would have your best interests at heart! The successful candidates would share our enthusiasm and passion for this project.

June 2015:

Stantec hired as the SAMU Building architect
This isn’t their first rodeo. Stantec has been involved in the development of many other Students’ Association buildings. Not only do they know what they’re doing structurally, but they know how to give you, the students, what you want.

Early July 2015:

MacEwan University Board of Governors endorsed SAMU’s business case and approved the building location (East side of 109 Street and 104 Avenue)
You know where that big pile of dirt is behind Building 8? Yeah. That’ll eventually be part of SAMU’s new building. Who would’ve thought?

What’s happening now?

Your SAMU President, VP of Operations and our hired experts are working with the University to create an agreement outlining ownership and building management. This is ongoing and will wrap up by the end of the fall semester. It will then be sent to the Board of Governors for approval! That’s when the fun stuff begins—bring on the blueprints!

We want your input! Keep an eye on this website and send us your feedback anytime. And tell your friends! We want to know what’s important to you so we can make this building as useful for students as possible. There will be a SAMU Building survey released in late September that will run through October, so don’t forget to share your opinion! You can fill out this survey at the SAMU Building polling stations around the school. 

Soon you’ll be seeing a lot of information floating around campus about the SAMU Building referendum. Basically, this is SAMU reminding you that the progress of this building is up to you, the students. In order to go ahead with construction, we need you to give us the green light. The referendum is your chance to cast your vote.

When? October 28-29 during the Students’ Council Election through myPortal.